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Youth Red Cross has been initiated in our College during the academic year 2012 – 13. Our Students have been actively participating in various programmes. Youth represent a substantial part of the membership of Red Cross for its humanitarian commitment. Young volunteers can make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communities through Red Cross youth programme. This has been designed to involve young people as much as possible in the movement and its activities not only as workers and also as beneficiaries, but as partners in management. The programme focuses on the following areas:

*Encourage community service through training and education.

*Disseminate the seven fundamental principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement through activities that encourage the Red Cross ideals

*Promote international friendship with activities that cultivate a humanitarian spirit,

*Technical support in the development of youth programmes, fund-raising, identification of material and human resources,

*The youth unit aims to have young people recognized by Societies leadership as equal partners who address the needs of the most vulnerable.

Our Students have been actively participating in various programmes. The various activities are listed below.

1. 29/07/2013 Visualizing & Painting Ms.W.Pratheepa III ECE & Mr.Muruguraj III Mech Participation
2. 30/07/2013 Essay writing(Tamil) Mr.S.Vigneswaran II Mech & Mr.K.P.Vigneswaran IIIMech Participation
3. 31/07/2013 Essay writing(English) Mr.Madhanraj III Mech & Mr.L.Santosh II Mech Participation
4. 01/08/2013 Oratorical (English) Mr.M.Srinivasan IV Mech & Mr.B.Karthikeyan III Mech Participation
5. 02/08/2013 Quiz Mr.Nixon Sindu Rajan IV Mech & Mr.Umamaheswaran III Mech II Prize
6. 05/08/2013 Oratorical (Tamil) Ms.K.Lavanya III IT Participation
7. 12/08/2013 Youth red Cross Rally 25 Students from various departments Participation

A mass Blood donation Camp was organized on 11/07/2014. Around 110 units of blood was collected from the Students and was donated to Right Hospital, Kilpauk. The Management, Principal congratulated the students for this noble service.

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